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Annual Newsletter- Impact of DERA Grant

Feb 5, 2024, 13:14 PM

The Foundation’s 2021 DERA Grant with the District of Columbia (DC) Department of Public Works and DC Water has been a game-changer in the pursuit of cleaner transportation and reduced emissions. DERA is an EPA grant program under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act. Targeting vehicle replacements, the project has achieved success moving toward the deployment of 24 new utility vehicles and removal of 42 heavy polluting vehicles. The project will continue until 2025. This grant sparked a movement, leading to more B100 (100% biodiesel) vehicles in the region. Nearly 200 B100 vehicles will be on the DC roads by the end of this year, replacing 90% of fossil fuels and resulting in a substantial 74% cut in CO2 emissions. This DERA project has inspired subsequent grants and sparked discussions at influential forums. These conversations emphasize biodiesel’s crucial role in addressing environmental justice and in propelling the biodiesel movement on a national scale.

Looking ahead, the focus is now on affordability and accessibility of sustainable technology, aiming for retrofits and replacements. This grant signifies a shift towards a future reliant on renewable fuels like B100, contributing significantly to combating climate change. We at the Foundation are proud the 2021 DERA Grant remains an influential example of the use of B100 in heavy duty vehicles, embodying our commitment to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.
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