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2021 Biodiesel Sustainability Series -- California Report

Jul 12, 2021, 14:05 PM

On Friday, June 11, the National Biodiesel Foundation (NBF) hosted its second virtual event in the Congressional Biodiesel Sustainability Series. This session focused on California and the benefits of biodiesel and renewable diesel to carbon reductions, air quality and environmental justice. The program offered Congressional staff and government officials insight on California’s reliance on biodiesel and renewable diesel to meet its low-carbon fuel goals. California is the top market for biodiesel and renewable diesel, which generate about 45% of the state’s carbon credits each year. Hosted by NBF’s Executive Director Tom Verry, speakers included Rebecca Baskins, Executive Director California Advanced Biofuels Alliance (CABA), Floyd Vergara, NBB Director of State Governmental Affairs, and Harry Simpson, President/ CEO Crimson Renewable Energy and SeQuential.  Read the full report