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Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel Find the National Biodiesel Conference and Expo a Beneficial Experience

Feb 19, 2020, 13:00 PM

“The National Biodiesel Conference & Expo was an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of the biodiesel industry. I highly recommend applying for the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel scholarship to any student interested in working in the field of biodiesel or biofuels in general! It was exciting to see NBB's coordination between farmers, biodiesel plants, technology providers, vehicle companies, and regulatory agencies to establish a predictable and successful path of biodiesel.”  -Andreas Backhaus/Yale University

“The conference has definitely changed my views towards biodiesel for the better, and introduced a new perspective as to how soybeans can be a sustainable feedstock due to its higher rate of energy return relative to the fossil energy needed to produce it, which is significantly higher than that of petroleum diesel.”  -Zenith Tandukar/University of Minnesota

In all, about 25 students attended the event, with 14 of them receiving travel scholarships and waived registration. Read more