The National Biodiesel Foundation (NBF) is now Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation.
  • Foundation Thanks Tour Sponsors

    Thank you for supporting the Clean Fuels Foundation’s 2023 Congressional Tours. Congressional staffers took part in educational tours that showcased biodiesel/renewable diesel/SAF production, soy and used cooking oil feedstocks, and how our industry can help with environmental justice issues.

  • Sustainable Fuels: Building the Ag Economy Tour

    In April, the Foundation lead a Congressional tour in New Orleans. Participants learned how soybeans are crushed to produce meal for food and oil for many uses, including biodiesel & renewable diesel.

  • Beth Calabotta Sustainable Education Grant Winner

    Caleb Moellenhoff, student scientist wins $2000 grant from Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation.



The Clean Fuels Industry's Impact on the US Economy

The U.S. biodiesel and renewable diesel industry supports 75,200 U.S. jobs and pays $3.6 billion in annual wages. The industry is at the center of more than $23.2 billion in economic activity each year.


Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel are Helping Cities Meet Their Carbon Reduction Goals

The United States committed to cutting carbon emissions by 50-52% by 2030. Meeting long-term goals to reach net zero emissions by 2050 requires meeting these interim goals and achieving substantial carbon reductions today. Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel offer fleets affordable, low-carbon solutions to immediately improve the sustainability of their operations.



Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation-New name reflects our support of all feedstocks for America’s domestically produced biodiesel, renewable diesel (RD), and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Over the years, the industry has faced many challenges. The Foundation has been there to support by funding research demonstrating biodiesel and RD’s low carbon footprint and to educate policymakers on the environmental and economic benefits.


The mission of the Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation is to advance the research and education of clean-burning, biomass-based diesel alternatives and their coproducts. 

The Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation works closely with Clean Fuels Alliance America to address national issues affecting us all -- cleaner air, greater economic development for rural communities, and enhanced national security through energy independence.



The Foundation’s success is made possible through continued donations and support from corporations and individuals like you.

Looking ahead, we are energized to turn our energy industry toward lower carbon, clean-burning biomass-based diesel with you.

Thank you in advance for choosing to donate to support our education and research efforts

Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization



Photos from Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation's recent events:


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